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Painless Carbon Reduction 80%

 Click Here   It has been long known how to reduce carbon production by around 80% using long tried and tested technology. You might ask why society is not going down this route quickly instead of slowly pursuing much less efficient solutions. In this short overview you can find out how carbon production can be reduced by around 80% with little impact on daily lives while greatly boosting the economy.

FREE Fun Stories for Children

 Click Here   To help Parents and Teachers improve Childrens ability and interest in reading, leading authors are contributing free stories for private and in school use by Teachers, available at

The real story of the Trojan War and Troy

 Click Here   This outstanding life times work from a dedicated archaeological investigator turns traditional notions of Greek history on its head. The substantial evidence available for centuries has only recently been put together to clearly demonstrate that Troy and the Trojan War occured in Western Europe centred in Britain, simply riviting.

Fighting The Move Against The Car And Winning

 Click Here   In Wales residents in Canton, Cardiff defeated government efforts to restrict the car with draconian and unfair parking restrictions on residents. Find out here how residents fought against the stream of ongoing false claims being made by government officers and fabricated evidence in consultants reports who later admitted not carrying out any proper surveys while charging rate payers 100,000's for their work.

Women's Football TV

 Click Here   WVP TV produce regular Women's Football TV programmes such as Women's Soccer Scene helping provide some equality of TV coverage for women, rarely seen on regular terestial TV. Here you can watch some of the best action free at any time.


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